Community Council


Community Council

The Community Council is a group of people who give their time to help look after the ‘nuts & bolts’ bolts of the village and surrounding communities. For example, if benches need repair, signage is missing or damaged, drains need clearing, extra rubbish bins. These are just some of the things they request the County Council to attend to. They lobby County Councillors on our behalf, get regular reports from the Police on any problems in our area.

There are representatives from Elrig, Mochrum, Monreith and of course Port William who attend these meetings.

They fund this website and indirectly the facebook page see HERE

If there is a problem in the village they need to know about it so contact them either via the persons listed below on or via the contact page on this website.

Port William Community Council meets on the last Wednesday of month at 7.30 pm in the Maxwell Hall. ALL WELCOME, do come along

To view draft minutes of past Council meeting and Agenda for next please see below

Draft Minutes – 25th September 2019 - PORT WILLIAM and DISTRICT COMMUNITY COUNCIL Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 25th September 2019.7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William PRESENT:- Community Councillors:  Mrs A Highman (Chairman);  Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chair); Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Mr J Gray; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins. Elected members – Cllr K Hagmann; Cllr G Nicol Apologies – Mr R McElrea. Declarations of Interest: – None relevant to matters to be discussed Police Report – No Officer in attendance. Minutes of the meeting held 31st July having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed… ...more