Save our Statue


This fellow has become Port William’s best known citizen.

Andrew Brown set out to make a sculpture for the specific site on Port William harbour where he stands today. He is not modelled on any one particular person. He reflects the local people, our outlook, our jobs, the environment in which we live, and the effect this has on our lives.

He hoped his work would become a focal point for quiet reflection.

He most definitely succeeded!

However, the statue, which was made of ferro-concrete, was showing signs of deterioration and it was decided to raise money to recast the statue in bronze, so that its impact and visual appeal can be preserved permanently within the community he represents.

In a tremendous fundraising effort, a local committee raised the enormous sum of £22,000 in a little over 2 years. Such has been the enthusiasm for “The Man” that grants, especially £2,500 from Mid Galloway Area Committee have been obtained, but much of the sum raised came from a collecting box alongside the statue, donations and from very popular local fundraising events.

The original statue has been refurbished and has been sold to a local householder for re-erection within the village in 2007. The money raised from the sale will help with future maintenance.

A massive thanks is due to the people of Portwilliam, the visitors to Portwilliam, indeed to everyone around the globe who has donated towards this project. The sum required was daunting, however, where there is a will there is most definitely a way.

If you have enjoyed “The Man”, and please feel free to spend a few contemplative moments with him when visiting Port William, and wish to contribute to his future maintenance costs, please send your donation to:-

Port William Community Association SCIO Statue Fund