DRAFT- Minutes of Meeting held on 6th April 2022 at the Maxwell Hall, Port William


This is the March meeting delayed due to members unable to attend for health, bereavement and personal reasons.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the members of the public who have showed an interest in involving themselves in the Community Council and introduced the members present.


  1. Present and apologies for absence:-

Community councillors:- Mr. Douglas Ballantyne (Treasurer), Mr. Paul Carrigan,  Mx. Jen Hendry,  Mrs. Babs Mellor,   Mr. Peter Smellie (Chairman), Mrs. Sheila Smellie (Secretary)

Apologies for absence:- Dr. Jacqueline Crowther, Mr. Richard McElrea, Mr. Jock McMaster, Mr. Steve Mellor.

Members of the public:-  Ms. Rebecca Davison, Mr. Leom Gray, Mrs. Lesley McNaught, Mr. Bob Sheppard

There was no attendance from either the Police or the elected members.


  1. There were no declarations of interest.


  1. The Police Report has been received online, and nothing of local interests has occurred.


  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed – proposed by Babs and seconded by Paul.


  1. Matters arising :-
  2. Jock has re-erected the sign at Second Sands – thank you, Jock.
  3. Thanks to Jen for posting on Facebook the advertisement relating to the need for new community councillors.
  4. Jacqueline has been busy on behalf of the Community Council, liaising with the Harbourmaster and thanking him for his work in clearing the rubbish from the harbour and representing the council in meetings with D & G. All public toilets are now open from 0700 to 2000, additional rubbish bins have been provided at Second Sands, Craignarget and St. Medans which will be emptied daily during the tourist season and chemical waste disposal facilities have been provided at New England Bay, Stairhaven and Isle of Whithorn.  Jacqueline is willing to represent Port William in the Federation of Community Councils (as is Douglas) and also write the article for the Crosslink magazine.  Thank  you very much, Jacqueline.  She has also been investigating notice boards, which will be discussed at a later meeting as Paul and Jen also have input.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:- The bank balance stands at £2390.10, comprising of £550 from the Kilgallioch Community Fund grant, £857.07 village improvements and £983.03 administration fund.


  1. Correspondence:- There are repair works due on the A747 next week – we hope for fewer potholes.


  1. Kilgallioch Community Benefit Fund:- £550 is still available for distribution. Leom reported that Mochrum Bowling Club needs new windows and the Chairman has requested that they contact him with details.  Babs also suggested they approach the Port William Community Shop.


  1. Planning Applications:- No local planning applications or approvals.


  1. The letter sent from the Chairman to the elected members at D & G has generated much action with regard to street lighting in both Monreith and Port William and the ‘Keep Left’ signs in Port William have been replaced. The speed indicator sign at Monreith is beyond economic repair and D & G report that the road to Killantrae is satisfactory.  Babs disagrees and will contact D & G and hope that David Inglis will become involved in this matter again.


  1. Succession plans regarding the Chairman and Secretary’s departure – The Chairman once again thanked all the members of the public for attending the meeting and asked if they would be happy to stand as members of the Community Council, to which they all agreed. Jen suggested that courses offered by Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway provided useful background for Community Councillors. The Chairman outlined the constitutional position when he and the Secretary resign. Jen also stated that she would be resigning in the near future.
Maximum Total Membership     11
Minimum no of Elected Members     4
Membership Elected Co-opted Vacancies
Current 7 3 4
Following Resignations 6 1 5

It was agreed that the method of redressing the balance would be to call a Casual Vacancy Election, and Wilma McKeown  from D&G Council had already approached the Secretary on the matter, and confirmation of this decision would be communicated to her.
Taking into account the departure of the Chairman and Secretary, it was agreed that Babs would take on the responsibility for authorising financial transactions on the Community Council Bank Accounts.

The Chairman gave the probable moving date as the 9th May, and reiterated the importance of having people in position as Chairman and Secretary.


  1. Any Other Business:- Douglas reports that the seat at the entrance to the breakwater has collapsed.
    Bob asked who is responsible for maintaining the sea wall as boulder has been dislodged. The Chairman replied that it is D&G Council, and the matter will be reported.

The Chairman thanked all attendees once again.

The meeting ended at 20:35.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th April 2022.