Draft Minutes – 25th September 2019



Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 25th September 2019.7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William

  1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors:  Mrs A Highman (Chairman);  Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chair); Mrs J Gray (Secretary);

Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Mr J Gray; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins.

Elected members – Cllr K Hagmann; Cllr G Nicol

Apologies – Mr R McElrea.

  1. Declarations of Interest: – None relevant to matters to be discussed
  1. Police Report – No Officer in attendance.
  1. Minutes of the meeting held 31st July having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Smellie and seconded by Mr J McMaster.

5. Matters Arising

5.1 – Pureutilities.co.uk – re water services at the Youth Centre – confirmation received that Scottish Water have awarded 100% exemption with effect from 1st April 2019 – Invoice received confirming no payment due.

5.2 – Dangerous drain outside 13 Main Street- inspected and cones positioned but no further action taken – Secretary to request advice of when work will be completed,

5.3 – White Lines at the Kelton Steps Car Park A747 – Case no 428746 – Inspected, repair identified and added to schedule of works.

5.4 – Notification of intention to replace the Glass Recycling skip, Port William – error in original correspondence stating that bin was sited at the Maxwell Hall – should have read bin sited at Harbour Road – to be replaced with a 1,280 wheeled bin.

5.5 – Speeding traffic – St Medans, Monreith – Case ref 428748 – Speed monitoring equipment to be installed – if a speeding problem is identified it will be discussed with Police Scotland to ascertain an appropriate way forward; – concern at the speed of traffic passing through Elrig was also expressed and the Secretary will refer this to the Team Leader Network Strategy and Road Safety.

5.6 – Request to issue a notice requesting residents not to feed the seagulls – colourful laminated posters received and passed to members for display.

6. Finance Report – Mr Ballantyne distributed copies of the Income and Expenditure accounts to those present and advised that the sum of £16.00 had been paid in respect of hall fees and that £ 53.68 had been received from the ‘Wishing Well’; the balance at the bank now stands at £ 1273.71 with £ 705.57 of this allocated to Village Improvements. He confirmed that an Expression of Interest form had been completed in respect of the Christmas decorations but that this had only been accepted on behalf of Port William in the sum of £ 243.60 and that he has now been informed that separate Expressions of Interest must be submitted for both Mochrum and Monreith. Any shortfall in total funds finally received and the cost of the Christmas trees purchased must be met by PWCA SCIO. He also advised members that the Community Council may be responsible for Health and Safety to include the necessity of a risk assessment and a certified electrical check on the installation of any lights placed on the trees but added that he was awaiting confirmation from the Ward Officer as to whether or not these conditions related to Community Councils, although it was also pointed out that we do not have any input into the purchase or siting of the trees but are merely the recipient of the allocated grant. He also had to complete a form confirming that funds received would be used for the purpose indicated and this was signed by himself and the Chairman. He will as in previous years arrange additional insurance cover for the trees and will also inform the insurance company of PIRSAC’s intention to hold a firework display this year in the vicinity of the Harbour Green, a licence for which PIRSAC have already applied for. Concern was expressed, as in previous years, in regard to the safety of persons accessing the display via the Harbour Green. Mr Ballantyne also informed members that the Council logo, acknowledging Council support should be included on all documentation. Details of the Discretionary Grant allocation will be finalised following the introduction of the new Community Council but Cllr Hagmann advised that this allowance will have been reduced by at least 25% on the previous year.

7. Correspondence

  • Letter received by Jak Kane, Machars Action requesting their involvement in the ‘Comfort Scheme’ which requires local business’s to allow their facilities to be used as Public Toilets. He had sought the opinions of other Community Councils on this and the Secretary advised that she had sent a reply saying that although she felt it vital that toilets should be available she felt it unreasonable to expect local business’s to open their doors in this way but would seek the advice of members and advise him if they did not share her view
  • The Robertson Trust – grant funding available of £500-£2000 to fully or part-fund work which fits with one of the funding strands – for further detail go to www.wee-grants-for-wee-groups
  • Third Sector, Dumfries & Galloway – Stewartry Roadshow, Carsphairn 28th August – for further details contact Christine.clarke@tsdg.org.uk
  •  Advice of meeting South Machars Community Hub Stakeholders Group – 6th September with Minutes of Meeting held 27th June
  •  Winter Warmth for Older People Project – Free kindling and logs for people over 60 years of age that satisfy the eligibility criteria – for further details see posters or e-mail info@thehubdg.org.uk
  • Shoreline Management Plan Study – series of engagement events planned over the next two years – for further information go to www.dgc.flooding@dumgal.gov.uk
  • TSDG – Roadshow – 11th September, Whithorn – Demystifying Business Plans and Identifying Income Generation Opportunities – for further information contact Christine.clarke@tsdg.org.uk
  • Community Safety Team Engagement Day – Port William – 9th September
  • Kendoon to Tongland 132Kv Reinforcement Project – Galloway Without Pylons request for support – for further information go to http://gallowaywithoutpylons.org/community-council-views
  • Community Development Alliance Scotland Annual Conference – 10th September – Tackling Inequalities
  • The latest news from the Scottish Community Councils website – received from scottishccs@inprovementservice.org.uk
  • Machars Action – Minutes of meeting held 22nd July; Agenda for meeting 2nd September; copy of accounts to date.
  •  Details of Dredging Operations to the 3rd September Kirkcudbright Harbour
  • Community Councils Newsletter September 2019
  • Notification of temporary Road Closure for Openreach works –B7005 Airriequhillart – 09.00 hours 11th October to 17.00 hours 13th October
  • D & G LEADER Rural Awards 2019 – List of finalists – included in the Inclusive Communities Awards category, Port William Community Development Trust. Members were also advised that Mrs Watkins had been nominated for the ‘Shining Light’ award- Award event to take place 5th December Gatehouse of Fleet.
  • TSDG – Support event 24th October – Kirkcolm – includes a short introduction to the new Good Governance Code for Third Sector Organisations – contact Christine.clarke@tsdg.org.uk
  • PIRSAC – request to site a bench in memory of Alex Donnan on the Harbour Green between the Time Capsule and the Mileage Directional pole – No objections raised – Secretary to reply.
  • Request from D & G Council for local organisations to deliver meals within their community throughout the October and December school holidays 2019. Funding will be specifically provided for one substantial meal per day to children and young people in Primary 1 to S6. An application form  and guidance notes can be found by visiting www.dumgal.gov.uk/article/19751/Holiday-Food-Fund
  • Agenda for Wigtown Area Committee meeting 25th September – Anti Poverty Grant Fund 2019/2020 – £52,000 allocated.
  • Agenda for Whithorn and Wigtown Good Food Sub Committee – proposed date 26th September
  • Embracing Civic Pride and Volunteering Wigtownshire Event 4th October, Kirkcowan – Mr Smellie to attend
  • ProjectScotland – half-day workshop for stakeholders, leaders and managers across organisations that are keen to learn more and engage further in developing intergenerational working within their teams – 1st October – to book a place go to www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/harnessing-tomorrows-talent-free-workshop-tickets-72496712619
  • VE Day 75 – Planning of events to mark the end of the war in Europe weekend 8th – 10th May 2020 – forwarded to PWCA SCIO and to the Kirk.
  • 7th – 13th October – Dumfries & Galloway – Challenge Poverty Week
  • Crichton Foundation – Annual Report 2018/19;  Booking form and list of events, Crichton Conversations; Invitation and booking form for The Crichton Foundation Lunch 15th November £37.00 per person
  • D & G Customer Service Centres Questionnaire – Mr Smellie urged members to complete this survey and further details can be obtained from DumGal@Public.Govdelivery.com
  • Exercise for Health – classes for Easiobics, Auchenmalg, Wigtown and Stranraer; Aerobics, Sorbie and Newton Stewart and Family Friendly Aerobics at Leswalt – All classes £ 3.00 per hour – for further information contact Active.Communities@dumgal.gov.uk

9. Bookings for Harbour Green – No bookings received

10. Website Update – Mrs Pavitt advised that she would soon be leaving the area and confirmed that Jill Astall would be happy to continue with Facebook updates but did not feel able to take on the Website. Mrs Pavitt suggested ‘Assist-It Design Services in Stranraer whom she had contacted and who had agreed their willingness to take over the running of the Website for a fee, including hosting, of either £ 75.00 or £100.00 per year depending on the amount of updates. The Website will be rebuilt and given a new look at no charge. No objections were raised to this and Mrs Pavitt said how she hoped that once the new Community Council members were in office there would be a member willing to be the liaison between the Council and Assist-It. The Chairman recorded her thanks to Mrs Pavitt for her past commitment to the Website and the work of the Community Council and wished her all the very best for the future.

11. Planning Applications – Nothing relevant to Port William – No information available in regard to the Monreith Arms

12. A.O.B. –

  • Community Council Elections – From the 4th October the maximum total membership of PWCC will be 11 with a minimum of 4 as per Schedule 1 of the Scheme of Establishment adopted 25th September 2018. Five people have been elected unopposed and will be formally recognised as an elected member pf PWCC leaving 6 vacancies to be filled. At least 4 further candidates, with a possible 5th, have expressed a willingness to stand and the following motion was subsequently put forward:

‘It is proposed that the current vacancies on the PW&DCC be addressed by the implementation of a Casual Vacancy election in accordance with section 7.9.1 of the Scheme of Establishment.’ Proposed by Mr P Smellie. Seconded by Mr D Ballantyne and agreed unanimously.

These elections will take place in the presence of the Returning Officer at an EGM to be held on the 30th October.

  • Request received from Border Television to speak with a local fisherman on the possible impact of Brexit – Paul McGuire approached and contact made between himself and Border television but unable to arrange a suitable date for a meeting.
  • Telephone Kiosk – Mochrum – request from a resident to site a defibrillator – details of owner given.
  • Road Defect, South Street – Case no 437989 – identified and added to schedule of works
  • Maxwell Hall Management – Charity status granted – now formerly registered as a SCIO
  • Maxwell Hall – Damaged Bollard at front of Car Park – Responsibility of Regional Council – Secretary to report.
  • Drains in need of sucking out before winter sets in – particular mention made of the one outside the Community Shop, South Street – Secretary to report

There being no further business the Chairman concluded the evening by expressing her thanks to all of the members for their commitment and support and added a special thank you to the Secretary. Mrs Highman said how she was sad to be retiring as a member but felt that the time had come, adding that she would still attend meetings from time to time and give her own support to the new members knowing that the work would continue.

The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

Date and Time of the First Meeting of the New Community Council to be held 30th October 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall Supper Room.

Port William and District Community Council- Extraordinary General Meeting

Wednesday 30 October 2019

8:00 pm, or thereabouts, Maxwell Hall, Port William

1. In attendance and apologies

2. Casual Vacancy election, as recorded in the minutes of 25 September 2019, for a maximum of six vacancies on the Community Council.