Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 22nd February 2023



Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 22nd February 2023

7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William

PRESENT:-  Community Councillors – Mr R Sheppard (Chairman); Mr L Gray (Secretary); Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; Ms J Edgar and Dr J Crowther


Elected members – David Inglis


Members of the Public – Ms J Dean


Apologies – Mrs L McNaught, Ms R Davison, and Mrs B Mellor


  1. Declarations of Interest: None


  1. Police Report – Nothing to raise from January report.


  1. Minutes of the meeting held 25th January were issued to all members of the Community Council. Mr R McElrea proposed, and Mr J McMaster seconded.


  1. Matters Arising
    1. Noticeboards – R Sheppard has selected new noticeboards, to be discussed with D Ballantyne for purchase and installation
    2. The path at second sands has been raised with D Inglis who can raise with the Council for upgrade and future maintenance. DG Council has been maintaining during the summer season but the path is slowly thinning with grass growing.
    3. The bus shelter at the Main Square has been actioned by DGC – awaiting update.
    4. Old Mill – DG Council responded to our report about safety concerns over Old Mill. DGC visited and spoke with the owner, it is the owners responsibility to ensure the site is safe. R Sheppard has raised concern over no fencing being put up to prevent access to the site; main concern over children accessing the building. L Gray to respond to DGC requesting details of ‘reasonable timeframe’ and if fencing should be in place.
    5. Resident concern over house vibrations – R Sheppard to visit property. D Inglis did state there is no further response the Council can provide, however he can visit the property to discuss with the owner.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Total money in bank—£2,756.15. This is made up of : Admin–£1,152.41, Village Improvements–£950.47, Kilgallioch–£200.00 and Carscreugh–£453.27.

Following on from receipt of Discretionary Grant from D & G Council of £843.60, payments were made to Port William Community Association of £770.40 towards the purchase of village Xmas trees ,as agreed by council and £73.20 to L Gray for the Mochrum Xmas tree lights.We thank D&G council for continuing to pay this grant to support the purchase of the Xmas trees.A further payment of £16.00 was made to Maxwell Hall for hire of supper room.

  1. Correspondence –
    1. Funding available –
      • The Coastal Benefit Fund Scheme is now open for applications – it provides funding for development and projects to improve coastal communities; Port William being one of the communities able to benefit. Applications are open until 27th March 2023. D Inglis suggested we could use this for seed funding to start a project. L Gray to find out further information for considering.
      • Dumfries & Galloway Region Wide Benefit Fund – £90k/year to hand out – another source of funding for community projects.
      • D Inglis provided good discussion on the different types of funding which can be applied for, however we need to have community support and an idea/plan of what funds would be used for. It is suggested we have a collaboration group for Port William and a sub committee meeting – bring everyone together and create a wider development plan for Port William.
  1. The Community Council Federation has commenced again – next meeting 28th February at 6pm – Wigtown Town Hall. D Ballantyne and R Sheppard to attend.
  • Funding is in place for DG Council to review and improve play parks in towns around the area. D Inglis can find out where PW is on the list. Garlieston received funds for their play park from Wheatley Group, if they have developed in PW we could approach them or similar housing group.
  1. Place Planning – Dr J Crowther has agreed to lead on enquiring about Place Planning and completing initial expression of interest application. Discussing with M Dolan.
    • D Inglis confirmed that Stranraer, Wigtown and Whithorn all have plans in the making.
    • For Place Planning to commence, the whole community needs to be involved to discuss and agree with development.
    • A meeting at the Newton Stewart Initiative to take place between 12-6pm for Place Planning on 28th February.


  1. Kilgallioch and Carscreugh updates –
    1. R McElrea read out an email received from Foundation Scotland advising that £2,000 is being donated to PWCC without requirement of an application.
      • Funds can be applied for via email or letter to the Chair – R Sheppard or Secretary pwcc@gmail.com
      • We would like to thank Kilgallioch for the allotted funds to help the community.


  1. Planning Applications – No new applications


  1. Website/Social Media Update –
    1. Website – Nothing to report
    2. Facebook – Views and activity is slowly increasing across both FB pages. Messages to share information are being received for the main PW page.


  1. O.C.B. –
    1. J Crowther – The Great British Clean Up week is commencing in March, as part of this JC has organised a beach clean for Saturday 18th March, meeting at 2pm Milton Point, West Barr, Port William. Also in discussion with Amey highways for clean up on A75 (for future reference).
    2. D Ballantyne – The Port William Pantomime had a successful run with over 200 tickets in sales and attendance. A successful community project for the area.
    3. Second Sands – the road to West Barr, potholes are really bad on the left hand side of the road. This needs to be reported and fixed.
    4. Harbour dredging – the harbour mouth is currently being dredged to remove a shingle barrier which has formed. This is ongoing and a digger in operation this evening.
      • There was a question raised over this happening again, and is it a result of the causeway structure and design? This is a bigger discussion and not one for this forum.
    5. Youth hall light complaint – the light has been adjusted, and is on for no more than two hours when events take place at the hall. R Shepperd in contact with the complainant.
    6. D Inglis – Right Care, Right Place – intermediate care survey which is due to close, is looking at the care availability in our Ward. including the Newton Stewart Hospital which is seeking support for reopening. The survey is from the Health Care Partnership, which L Gray did previously circulate. DI has encouraged us to complete the survey. L Gray to recirculate.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:10 p.m.

Date and Time of the Next Meeting – Wednesday 29th March 2023 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall Supper Room