DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 4th October 2023


DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 4th October 2023
7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William
PRESENT:- Community Councillors – Mr R Sheppad (Chairman), Mr L Gray (Secretary), Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer), Mr J McMaster, Mr R McElrea, Dr J Crowther, Ms R Davison

Members of the Public – Mr T Cottam.

Apologies – Mrs B Mellor, Mrs L McNaught

1. Declarations of Interest: R Sheppard – Maxwell Hall Committee

2. Police Report – No report received prior to meeting; report was received via email following this meeting. 4 incidents in August.

3. Minutes of the last meeting –
a. Proposer – Mr J McMaster
b. Seconded – Dr J Crowther

4. Matters Arising from previous meeting:
a. Harbour car park – pothole has been filled in – keep an eye on it.
b. Material issue with bench; plastic is peeling off. JC to contact the company again as they recommended sanding down. Not good to release microplastics so close to shore.
c. Wishing well roof and paint – Roof has been redone. And someone has agreed to paint a sealife scene on the base, using sandtex paint which is to be acquired. May not be until Spring. Issue post/call for off cuts/paint donations for the project locally.
d. Noticeboards – Mochrum and Elrig noticeboard to be measured up for replacements.

5. Treasurer’s Report –
Total in bank: £3,899.24. This is made up of the following : Admin. fund-£1,506.31, Village improvements-£1,834.57, Carscreugh wind farm- £153.27, Kilgallioch fund-£200.00 and LPP fund–£205.09.
1. £843.60 will eventually be paid to Port William Community Association from the Village improvements fund when receipts are received for Christmas trees , lights etc. at the end of year.
2. Since our last meeting , we have received the Mochrum Christmas tree grant of £300.00, £493.30 from D & G Council –this is an annual amount which covers all our admin. items etc. and £430.43 from D & G Council towards our Place planning expenditure ( LPP ).
3. Payment to Jacqueline Crowther for all her expenditure with regard to the Place Planning meetings–£217.34 and Port William Bridge Club–£300.00 from Carscreugh wind farm.
4. MADAG to apply for Monreith Christmas tree money.
5. R Sheppard to give D Ballantyne receipt for PW Noticeboards. Funds waiting to be paid.

6. Correspondence – None, see Place Planning below.

7. Kilgallioch and Carscreugh updates – Next monies due November.
a. 2 requests for funding from Playgroup, and Toddlers group.

8. Planning Applications – N/A

9. Place Planning – J Crowther provided a summary following the two consultation exercises in September.
a. £90 total spend for Maxwell Hall Hire – 2 x 3 hours sessions. Maxwell Hall committee has agreed to cover this cost as a service to the community. We would like to thank Maxwell Hall for this generous offer.
b. Money to be kept for further LPP work.
c. J Crowther and R Davison – 7trh November meeting with Port William Primary school to discuss LPP.
d. Problems with the QR code for the consultation
i. Was raised with DGC
ii. New Link and QR code – consultation until the end of Oct now.
e. The two consultation exercises went really well – it was attended by both adults and children:
i. Positive engagement
ii. J Crowther has typed up a report
f. Community Development Trust – Third sector DGC can assist the CDT if they approach them for assistance.
i. CDT built the MUGA – Do they still run/maintain the hall?
g. Feedback to be given to the community following the consultation
i. PWCC can facilitate this but we cannot apply for funding to move forward with the LPP once agreed and written.
h. All groups within the villages come together for a collective project meeting.
i. To be confirmed – we hope all groups will join once arranged.
i. Article for church newsletter/guide

10. Website/Social Media Update – Good FB activity this past month.

11. A.O.C.B. –
a. J McMaster – Complaint – DGC to be notified of circle turning points at Kings Park – CCES
b. Main roundabout starting to break up from trucks/lorries movement.
c. Telephone box in PW – slab cracked/trip hazard
d. Potholes getting worse on the way out of PW at second sands.
e. Second sands slipway is a safety risk/slip hazard – not council owned – to contact CCES for advice.
f. D Ballantyne – Christmas party – R Sheppard to organise for 14 December at 7pm – Railway Inn.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:00pm

Date and Time of the Next Meeting – Wednesday 29th November 2023, 7:30pm, Maxwell Hall.