Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 28th September 2022



Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 28th September 2022

7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William

PRESENT:-  Community Councillors – Mr R Sheppard (Chairman); Mr L Gray (Secretary);  Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Ms R Davison; Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; and Dr J Crowther


Elected members – None


Members of the Public – Mrs D Kiltie; Mrs M Adams; Mr A K Sutherland


Apologies – Mrs B Mellor, Mrs L McNaught, Ms J Edgar


  1. Declarations of Interest: – Mr J McMaster has a conflict of interest regarding MADAG request for funding.


  1. Police Report – A Police Officer was not in attendance, the latest reports were received from July, August and September 2022.
    1. July 2022 – No overall police updates – One crime reported
    2. August 2022 – No overall police updates – Four crimes reported
    3. September 2022 – Overall update: Travelling community were camping at Kings Green, and subsequently moved on to Auchenmalg. Police received and handled several reports – One crime reported


  1. Minutes of the meeting held 29th June having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr J McMaster and seconded by Ms R Davison. The meeting to be held on 27th July was cancelled at the last minute due to the absence of both Chairman and Secretary.


  1. Matters Arising
    1. Dr J Crowther raised concern regarding the noticeboard; information is being removed without control. New items are being removed and duplicates appearing. Following discussion; historically the left hand noticeboard was for everyone and the right hand for Village only news and updates.
    2. New notice boards have not been ordered; there was anticipation to fix the current ones however they are beyond repair. A budget of £500 has been allocated to replace the current noticeboards; preferably with UV protection.
    3. Letter to Council to be issued by Chairman to raise concerns regarding Bus Shelter maintenance in the Main Square, Benches along the Kings Park walkway, to be replaced; and maintenance of beach side walkway at Second Sands.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Nothing major to report. Total money in Bank—£1,969.10; Admin fund–£912.03,Village improvements-£857.07, Kilgallioch community fund–£200.


  1. Correspondence –
    1. Machars Action Group are looking for a member of the Council to attend meetings as a representative. Ms R Davison is willing to attend. Secretary to find dates and provide confirmation that someone will attend.
    2. Isle of Whithorn CC were asking for assistance with an investigation. Chairman expressed interest however allocated numbers had been reached quickly.


  1. Kilgallioch and Carscreugh updates –
    1. Mr R McElrea is managing the correspondence for Wind Farm projects. The latest round of funding is due.
    2. Carscreugh funding is automatic and likely due in November.
    3. Kilgallioch requires an application to be submitted to Foundation Scotland with allocation of funding from 2021. R McElrea was unable to reach the main contact at Foundation Scotland to discuss. J McMaster contacted the former Chairman to find out what needs to be done. All forms are online and can be filled out and submitted. Update at next meeting.


  1. Planning Applications – Nothing to report



  1. Website/Social Media Update –
    1. Only one enquiry received via the website; turned out to be spam. No further updates currently.
    2. The Facebook page does not have a log in, Ms J Henry was the former admin and only requires a current member to be added as an admin to continue updating and monitoring. Mrs B Mellor had previously expressed interest in posting and updating FB going forward. To confirm at the next meeting.
    3. Potential to create an instagram page for either Port William or Community Council. Look to discuss this for 2023.


  1. O.C.B. –
    1. Funding Applications – Only two aware of at time of meeting for consideration
      • MADAG – Requested £1000
      • Picnic Bench for Port William – Approx £600 – R Sheppard to look into suitable benches.
    2. Mr L Gray raised their intention to step down as Secretary due to personal reasons; they will continue for the time being until an alternative is appointed. Anyone wishing to take on the position should notify the Secretary or Chairman.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:20 p.m.


Date and Time of the Next Meeting – Wednesday 26th October 2022 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall Supper Room.