DRAFT- Minutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 31st March 2021 online via Zoom


  1. Present and apologies for absence:-
    Present :- Community councillors:- Mr. Douglas Ballantyne (Treasurer), Mx. Jen Hendry, Mr. Richard McElrea, Mr. Jock McMaster, Mr. Peter Smellie (Chairman), Mrs. Sheila Smellie (Secretary)
    Elected members:- Mrs. Katie Hagmann, Mr. Jim McColm
    Apologies for absence:- Mr. P. Carrigan (unable to access Zoom), Mrs. Barbara Mellor, Mr. Steve Mellor, Mr. David Inglis, Mrs. Jackie McCamon
  2. There were no declarations of interest.
  3. The Police Report has been circulated. A new commander has been appointed for D & G – Chief Superintendent Carol McGuire. There was no reported local crime, but a further warning about scams. Feedback was requested on a proposal for body worn video to be issued to armed police officers.
  4. The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed – proposed by Jen, seconded by Richard.
  5. Matters Arising:-
    1. Update from Steve and Barbara via email – David Inglis has visited the road to Killantrae and has the problem in hand.
    2. The finger post on Garnetts Walk is progressing, Steve has accessed the timber and Douglas is arranging a tradesman.
    3. Machars Action:- Douglas updated the meeting with details of a discussion held with Carol Lochrie of Machars Action. The meeting agreed to continue to send a delegate following the departure of Susan Windle and agreed that Jen will represent PWCC. The Secretary will send her details to Carol Lochrie who will contact Jen with meeting details etc.
    4. The picnic bench has been ordered (£528) for delivery in 3/15 working days. The bench will be positioned by the swings on Kings Green play area.
    5. Resilience funding:- Kerren Walker will advise us further on this.
    6. The work on the sea wall behind South Street appears to be completed.
  6. Treasurer’s Report:- Audrey Kevan will audit the end of year accounts – proposed by Douglas, seconded by Jock. The bank balance is £2509.47, village improvements being £1560.17 and £949.30 administration fund. The wishing well was emptied and produced £94.50 for the village improvements fund. The wishing well has been painted by Douglas and Richard and looks very smart – many thanks to them.
  7. Correspondence:- Confirmation of the route to be used for timber extraction from Elrig has been received and complies with the de facto standard route along the B7005. Shoreline Management Plan (Solway) :- A plan for the entire length of the D&G coastline is under consideration. The stretch between Burrow Head and Stairhaven is mainly assessed as requiring no intervention, although there are parts which will be considered where the line will be held and smaller lengths where managed re-alignment may be deployed. There is an online meeting on 22 April to consider the plan. Douglas raised the issue of an article in the Free Press of week ending 26 March which stated that the status of Mochrum as a Conservation Area was to be rescinded. Jim confirmed that according to the legislation, D&G Council have the authority to action this decision by the placing of an advert in the local paper. He and Katie had proposed that the local residents deserved more information than that provided in a newspaper advert, and that this was to be provided by the Council.
  8. Website:- No developments
  9. Planning applications – No objections to the farm building proposals at Airiequillart (21/0302/FUL).
  10. Any other business:-
    1. Approval has been given to Jen to paint the noticeboard in Elrig. Thanks, Jen.
    2. Douglas questioned why the keep left bollards on the roundabout in the square had been removed and replaced with temporary ‘Keep Left’ signs which have blown over in the wind. Katie suggested that the issue was reported via the CCES system.
    3. The subject of the state of the Mill building was raised, and the question asked as to whether any action could be taken. Jim responded that there were no powers open to the Council to force an owner to maintain a building, and funding has to be obtained by an owner to complete a project, but repair work was not usually eligible. Concerns were raised over the safety of the site, and this would be raised with the Building Standards department.
    4. The Chairman reported the Harbour Master will move the old anchor onto the end of the breakwater and renovate it. Thank you, Will.
    5. Katie reported the Harbour Sub Committee was due to meet on 1 April when the damage to the inner slipway would be discussed. Progress of the fisherman’s storage compound was interrupted by unavailability of materials, and closed-circuit television for the harbour remained under discussion.
    6. Jim said that £200 million of D&G Council spend is committed to road maintenance; he encouraged the use of the pothole reporting process to the Council, and pointed out that If a vehicle is damaged by a previously reported pothole, then a claim can be made against the Council.

The meeting ended at 20:08.

The next meeting will be held via Zoom at 19:30 on Wednesday 28th April.